About Catalina

Born and raised in a small town in Colombia called Buga, Catalina has always had a creative and colorful heart. She is currently known as a makeup artist, product designer, and entrepreneur.

While attending college for industrial design, Catalina simultaneously began developing her career as a makeup artist. She first studied professional makeup in Cali, Colombia back in 2019 and quickly developed a huge interest in learning and developing more skills. This led her to take courses in different makeup techniques and cosmetic chemistry.

In 2021, she moved to Lisbon, Portugal to continue pursuing her career as a makeup artist. She earned her certification from Antonia Rosa and has since been featured in runway shows like Lisbon Fashion Week, advertising and fashion projects, and diverse makeup-related jobs.

Catalina's creative and entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her own makeup brand, where she can fully express her artistic vision and create high-quality products that are in tune with her personal and professional values and vision.


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